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  • Excellent service. Will use again for sure. -  Allan Poy
  • Thank you my Mac work very well since your last repair. -  Sonika

  • Are you seeking a laptop repair expert who can quickly understand the problem you are facing with your laptop? or you are seeking for assessment report for insurance purpose or you just want to get your DATA back from your old broken laptop.

    You are at the right place, We do offer all of those services at very reasonable cost. We do not charge hourly rate more

  • Are you seeking for and Apple Certified Macintosh Technician who can fix the problem you are facing with your MacBook Pro or iMac. Have you dropped your Mac accidentally and seeking for assessment report for your broken Mac for insurance purposes.

    Give us a call at 0800 349 648 or e-mail us at for superior service.

  • Needless to say, how important your DATA is, Is your hard drive is not recognising or your usb stick is asking to format or your memory card which was full with photo's is not coming up. Don't panic and give us chance to recover your important DATA.

    Give us a call at 0800 349 648 to Get A Quote to recover your DATA back.

  • In case of Apple, Motherboard is known as logic board. If your Mac is not turning ON or It's turning ON but nothing is on the screen then It can be due to logic board failure. Logic board replacement will cost you in 4 figures but we are specialised in fixing logic board.

    So if you want to fix your Mac in 3 figures then then Geeks Onsite is the best option for you, Get A Quick Quote for logic board repair.

Why choose Us?

  • Powerful CRM for service management.
  • Our technicians are certified by Apple and Microsoft.
  • We do not charge hourly rate.
  • We provide warranty on repair done.
  • Pick-up and Drop-off on nominal cost.
  • We do provide On-Site service as well.
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