Terms & Conditions

1. Get A Quick Quote: –

It’s absolutely free to get, we provide free estimation for your desired repair, quick quote is absolutely free and customer registration not required for the same, you just need to fill an online form and our system will generate a service ticket for the same.

Concern service department will contact you shortly, they may required further information to complete the quote which may include make and model, problem description, error code, screenshot for the error or further inspection.


You May receive follow-up e-mails for said service ticket unless until it’s not canceled or closed. Please inform us if you want to cancel that service ticket, always reply the e-mail regarding your service ticket, please don’t forward it (forwarding that e-mail to support@geeksonsite.co.nz will create a new service ticket).


Unless otherwise stated, Inspection is chargeable and it’s non-refundable upfront fee. For inspection,  technician will ask you to drop your laptop/desktop at our workshop alternatively he can book a pickup for the same from your location at additional cost.

This will cover the time spent by technician while diagnostic, disassembling, assessing the issue. we have to open/disassemble your laptop or desktop to inspect the problem, we may need to use some diagnostic software’s for the same which may effect, please ready step-3 carefully.

After inspection we will give you estimate/quote for repair, if quote is accepted then inspection fee will be adjusted in the to total billing value, it’s not refundable if quote is declined.


To complete the inspection technician needs to open your laptop/desktop. He will swap suspected faulty parts with known good parts, they may required to replace some faulty chips with know good chips (especially in case of logic board repair). This entire task will be perform under inspecting you laptop/desktop or during repair.

Please read following carefully:-

  1. The client authorises Geeks Onsite, it’s employees and contractors/agents to receive and transport this unit (laptop/desktop etc.) TO, FROM and BETWEEN their contractors.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, if a part not repairable then replacement will be required. we will send you revised quote for replacement which may be much more than the cost of repair (you will be more than welcome to decline the repair in this case).
  3. There is potential threat of  DATA loss during inspection/repair, It’s highly recommend to backup your data before sending/dropping your unit for repair.
  4. The client authorised us to perform required task such as disassembling, part swapping, chip replacement, install and run diagnostic software’s. In case of logic board repair it’s much complected ( we will try our best to repair the logic board but fault my increase after replacing chip’s and we can’t bring logic board in original condition).
  5. During operating system installation and data migration there is high risk of DATA loss, it’s highly recommended to backup your data before sending or dropping your laptop/desktop for repair.

Geeks Onsite shall not be liable for any claims regarding the physical functioning of equipment/media or the condition or existence of data on storage media supplied before, during or after service/repair.

4. Theft Policy

Geeks Onsite will not be responsible for loss of your computer system and DATA in the event of theft, fire, flood and other loss. Our insurance provider will give us claim for our property only not for the customers property which is in our workshop for repair.

5.Turnaround Time:-

Normally repair’s doesn’t that more than 3-4 business days after your approval but in some cases it can take more, we will inform you first for the same. If we don’t have part in stock and need to order specific part then repair will take at least 7days for local parts and 15-20 days if parts ordered from overseas.

You are more than welcome to cancel the repair if you don’t want to wait.

4. DATA Loss

In no event will Geeks Onsite be liable for any damage to your unit, loss of data, loss of revenue or profits, or any special, incidental, or consequential damage, however caused, before, during or after our service.

Please backup your DATA first. We do not backup customers DATA. We will not be liable to loss of DATA during repair whether it’s accidentally or human mistake.

5. Software Installation:-

For operating system and application software installation, you have to provide us original disk’s along with license. we will not install the software is it doesn’t contain valid license in fact we can’t do it technically and legally. we can install free software’s for you.

In Case of operating system installation – all the application software’s (Microsoft Office, Adobe, antivirus etc.)  needs to be reinstalled again for which you must have installation file/CD/DVD and valid license.

6. Warranty on Repair:-

We provide 3 month RTB warranty on repairs. This will be mentioned in your invoice as well. You have to drop your laptop or desktop to us if you want us to fix that under warranty. If you want pickup then cost for the pick and drop will be charged.

Note:- Software repairs will not carry any warranty, physical damage and burnt will not covered under warranty.

We will repair your laptop/desktop under warranty if same problem occur due to same part. Suppose your screen is broken and we replaced that screen with new screen, in this case we will cover only screen under warranty not related products such as graphic card, display cable etc.

Note:- We used parts which are covered under manufacturer warranty.

6. Payment Policy:-

Generally we do not offer credit, once your laptop/Mac is fixed then you have to pay at the time of pickup.

But in some event we offer credit as well, sometimes to existing customers and sometimes on good faith or against an financial instrument (bank cheque).

In case of dishonour cheque, we do not take much time to forward the case to debt collection agency. After 30 days of non-payment account will go to collections and customer will be liable to pay $250 Plus gst as administration cost one-off  and 25% of the total amount as collection fee.

6. Non-Collection:-

If the equipment and any associated software is not collected from Geeks Onsite within 4 (four) months of the service being completed it will be assumed that the equipment has been abandoned and it will either be disposed of/sold to recover any outstanding charges.