Antivirus for Mac – Does your Apple Mac actually need an antivirus program?

I have been asked this question by several clients in the past. Does a Mac user really need an antivirus program? If not, why no antivirus for Mac? Well, it has been a matter of debate for quite a long time. Various experts around the world have been discussing this matter, which if you have read, must have got confusion, and nothing else. Don’t stay confused. Let’s take a practical approach to find the answer to this question.

Before we get to the reasons why or why not should Mac users get an antivirus for Mac, let’s take a look at the following data:

Usage share of operating systems

Usage share of operating systems

The data clearly indicates that a larger share of OS market is occupied by Microsoft’s Windows. When it comes to Apple Mac OS, it has a share of 7.05% only. It means around 7 people of every 100 users are using Mac OS. In such a scenario, who should be the actual and beneficial target for hackers and malware developers? Mac users or Windows Users? Yes, it’s right.  It’s definitely one of the reasons why people around the world say that Mac users do not need an antivirus program.

You might have heard people saying that they never came across a virus infection in their Macs even after using it for many years. They may be right in their approach. But it largely depends on the usage pattern of users. What all things you do on your Mac and how long do you stay online? Do you have a networked connection to share information or you use a single Mac? It all has to do a lot with the threat of virus infection. If you do not use internet much, you are less likely to get virus infection, and it applies for Windows users also. The reason is that most of the malware infection is caused by internet and the external storage media you use.

Security risk: Mac vs. Windows

Let’s talk about the Windows first here. The earlier versions of Windows were the easy targets from hackers; they are actually the same even today. But when it comes to intrusion level, Windows 8 is definitely the most secure operating system from Microsoft ever. But, there still is a need of antivirus on Windows 8 also if you want to stay safe and secure. Now when it comes to Mac, it has complex security layers which are not that easy for hackers to intrude. However, it’s just a comparative analysis when you compare it to windows OS. It means even Mac is not secure and there is of course the need of antivirus if you are serious about your data.

The conclusion:

To conclude, I would say that you must use an antivirus program no matter whether you are a Mac user or a Windows user. It’s definitely not wise to avoid using antivirus on Mac only because it has a lower market share and hackers generally do not tend to hack Mac OS. In short, if you visit fraudulent websites and download apps from internet without giving it a second thought, you need antivirus for Mac. Not only this, if you use external storage media or connect your Mac to networked computers, you need antivirus. Above all, if you care for your data stored in your device, you need an antivirus.

Do you suspect malware infection in your computer, Macbook or laptop, contact our experts and ask for an appointment. We will analyze your device and would suggest you the best security measures to ensure you a complete peace of mind.

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