Apple comes with Java 7 update 11 to fix zero-day flaw

Yesterday itself, we had a blog on How to disable Java in Apple’s Safari web browser? We discussed why people are seeking to disable Java plugin from their Safari web browser.

It is important to note that very recently Apple had taken steps that aimed at disabling Java 7 plugin from Mac devices. It was done following the security vulnerability found recently in the plugin. The developers at Oracle seemed alarmed with this and released an update,  a patch, on the last Sunday to address this issue of vulnerability. Now today, Zdnet confirms that Apple has released Java 7 Update 11 to allow bowser support for its safari once again.

java 7 update 11

The recent security hole found in the Java plugin was a zero-day vulnerability that was discovered last week itself.

The Java 7 Update 11 is a critical security update that aims to fix the zero-day security hole reported in Java 7 Update 10 and its previous versions. Oracle, the developer of Java, says that the current update rectifies the process through which internet browsers interact with your local computer.

This new patch seems to go with the Apple’s standard on anti-malware needs for its Mac operating system, and perhaps this the reason, it, too, came with an update to enable Java support again. Though, it recommends to maintain the Java software version update of at least 1.7.0_10-b19.

Is it completely safe now? No, not still. The experts around the world do not confirm it to be safe completely even now. Meanwhile, the developers of the Java plugin comes up with security alert on CVE-2013-0422. If you would like to know more of this, you can refer to the developer’s official website. Eric P. Maurice confirms the release of the security alert for CVE 2013. Read the complete official blog here at Oracle’s blog section.

To get the latest update on Java, you can refer to this link.

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