Apple confirms 25 Billion songs sold from iTunes Music Store

How often do you use iTunes Music Store to buy your favorite music? You will simply be amazed to know the exact of number songs that Apple has sold till now. According to a recent announcement made by Apple, it reached a milestone by selling 25 billion songs from its online music store – IiTunes. This record breaking 25 billionth song was sold to Phillips Lupke, a citizen of Germany.

iTunes Music Store from Apple

This becomes important to note that ITunes is the largest retailer of online music in the world. It has been serving all its valued customers for the last ten years. When this milestone of the record sale was achieved, Apple rewarded an iTunes gift card worth 10,000 pounds to the 25billionth song downloader – Phillips but there was no promotion regarding the award before.

Wondering which song was it? Well, the name of the 25 billionth songs was Monkey Drums sung by Chase Buch and remixed by Goksel Vancin.

On this occasion Eddy Cue- the senior vice president of Apple thanked its customers for their continued passion for music and appreciation for iTunes which helped it to reach this milestone. He also said that an average of 15,000 songs are downloaded every minute from their iTunes music store worldwide. Definitely, this number of music lovers will be increasing further in the coming years. He also mentioned the ease of the website and store which lets songs lovers an easy access to their favorite songs. Moreover, the fans can connect to their favorite music artists through the iTunes music store.

From a user’s point view the present iTunes store is the perfect place to buy music online. Not only this, with the increasing number of artists connecting to fans through this platform, it is sure to benefit Apple in the coming years also.

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