Apple Gift Card NZ$ 125 for New Zealand Uni Students

Are you a uni student and looking to buy a laptop for help in your projects? It may be the high time to buy yourself a Mac. Apple brings this offer to lure students yet again. According to the official resource from Apple, this offer is open for Uni students who are planning to buy Mac this season. However, the brand sets a few terms and conditions for the eligibility.

Buy an Apple Mac and get a NZ$ 125 Apple Gift Card, or if you buy an iPad with Retina display, you become eligible for NZ$ 65 worth Student Gift Card. This offer stats at January 15, 2013 and will last till April 1, 2013. The brand says that if you choose a Mac, you can save considerably with Apple Education pricing.

Who all are eligible for Apple Gift Card?

The first important thing to qualify for the offer is that you must be a uni student – a student accepted to a uni. If you are the parents buying Mac for your uni student, even you can avail this offer. Not just this, a faculty or a staff member from any grade lever can avail this offer (Apple Gift Card).

This is also important to note that Apple has a dedicated section in its store for students. This section is called Apple Online Store for Education. The present offer can be availed on this section of the store.

How will you get the gift card?

It’s simple. Once are sure that you qualify for the Apple gift card, you can head to Apple’s online store for education for New Zealand, and can buy the product. On the purchase of the Mac or iPad, you will be a gift card right on the website.

How can you redeem the Apple gift card and where?

As the offer states, you can spend your voucher value to download apps, music, books and much more from the Mac App Store, the App Store, the iBookstore and the iTunes Store. It means you can use the student gift card at any of the above listed websites. At the time of making your purchase, you will get an option for gift or promotional voucher, follow the onscreen the guidance and you are done.

If you would like to know more about the offer to avail NZ$ 125 Gift Card and would like to read the terms and conditions associated with the offer, you can refer to Apple’ official website at this link and can read and review the terms and conditions set for this offer.

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