Apple releases MacBook Air EFI Firmware Update 2.6

If you are a MacBook Air user, Apple brings an EFI Firmware Update 2.6 for you. According to the company, this update will be fixing many issues and bugs.

Macbook Air EFI Update 2.6

EFI update 2.6 aims to fix the color issue with HDMI displays connected to MacBook Air. It also takes away the issue with Windows that created bugs in the booting process. Additionally, it will be resolving a known problem related to Thunderbolt device. It was reported in some Air devices that unplugging a Thunderbolt device caused the computer to freeze at the time of waking it up from standby mode.

Besides these all, this update will be upgrading the EFI firmware found on your MacBook Air devices.

It is also important to note that this update applies and is recommended for the Air devices of mid 2012 models. So, if you have got your MacBook Air after June 2012, your computer is recommended to go for this update.

To get your device updated, ask your computer support professionals, and in case you want to do it yourself, you can head to the Apple’s official website and download the update. You can find the update in the Apple’s support section on the website at this link.

Before you get ready to download the update, it is important to note that while the process is continue, your computer must be connected to a power source. During the update process, your computer will restart and a grey screen will come up with a status bar on it. You can easily see the progress of the entire process here. The overall process may take several minutes, it is recommended not to interrupt the process and let it complete properly. Otherwise, your computer may develop some problems.

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