Apple’s OS X 10.9 Coming with Siri, Maps Integration to Mac

According to a report confirmed by 9to5Mac yesterday, Apple’s new next generation OS X 10.9 is bringing Siri with it. The blog further gives a hit that this new OS will support Maps too. This is to note that Apple is trying to bridge the gap between its old style Macs and new generation iOS powered devices. If this report is confirmed by the brand, Apple users will definitely have a lot to rejoice at next year.

For our readers who are not aware of Siri, let me tell you that Siri is basically a voice command based application that will add more value to your Macs. This software will be much like that of Apple’s newest iPad models running iOS 6, It will definitely strengthen Apple’s effort of improving  its accuracy and building more on its associated features.

Previously, it was confirmed by the brand that it would be building more data centers and would be strengthening its present base so that the support of Siri could handle more traffic efficiently. Now with this report of this OS update and new feature integration, it seems all geared up to take it further and lure more customers in the next year.

Taking it ahead, the company is reportedly going to include its Maps offering as a part of the OS X framework for application developers. 9to5Mac indicates that there is a possibility that Apple to add Maps as a complete and native application to OS X, but there’s no clear confirmation of the same. Even if it is made available to application developers only, the benefits are bound to many for end users also.

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