Data Recovery

Data Recovery

We welcome you to uitilise out Data Recovery Services. The data in our home or office computer’s hard disk is always very important. It may be in the shape of e-mails, documents, picture, videos, software, games, educational material, personal information etc. Business computer may have customer‘s information, bill, invoices, employee‘s data, accounts data and other important information. If due to one reason or other, your computer’s or laptop’s hard disk stop doing work or damage or fail, all the data store in computer’s hard will be lost.

Then you shall have to call any data recovery expert to recover your precious data.

Many times, mechanical, electrical failures and sometimes for the unknown reasons we lost our computer data. At that time, you can trust the certified experts at Geeks Onsite to successfully recover your lost hard drive data.

Hard Disk Data Recovery from All Operating Platforms

Unfortunately, if your computer hard disk crashes, do not try to repair it yourself, as this can lead to permanent data loss. Geeks Onsite are experienced and they successfully performed hundreds of hard disk data recovery operations. They have experience of all of the following operating systems and platform makes.

Once you take our service, we will deploy skilled data recovery experts to recover your lost data. They have experienced to recover the data from all kind of devices for example; Desktop hard Disks (5.25”), Laptop Hard Disks (3.5”, 2.5” & 1.8”), USB & other Removable Drives, Zip Disk, Compact Disc (CD), Digital Video Disc (DVD), old media devices i.e. Floppies, Memory sticks & many other digital media devices. Our success rate in data recovery is unmatched in all over the country.

It does not matter how you have lost your data, we provide service for everyone. Mostly people lost their data due to virus coming from the internet or pen drive, accidentally deletion of data or formatting of hard disk, malfunctioning of software, floods, fire accident, power fluctuation and sometimes sabotage. Apart from the above quoted reasons, there may be more reason, due to which you may lost your data but we ascertain the recovery of your lost data safely in each & every case from all operating system such as DOS, all version of window from 98 to window 7, Novell Netware, UNIX, Linux, Mac etc. We also provide data recovery services from the complex type of server storage box.

We have very strict documentation process which ensure the hundred percent transparencies, ensure hundred percent secrecy. With the use of modern technologies we have kept our data recovery success rate very high.

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  • Hard Disk Recovery
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  • Encrypted Data Recovery
  • Removable Media Recovery
  • Server/Storage Data Recovery
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  • Raid Recovery
  • Storage Box Recovery
  • Database Recovery
  • Other Data Recovery Services
  • E-Mail Recovery
  • File Recovery
  • Photo Recovery
  • SSD Recovery

Why Geeks Onsite for Data Recovery?

We know the nature of data recovery business very well and our first priority is our customer’s data confidentiality. We have proud as we have delivered a high rate of successful and prompt recovery jobs, it is evident from the positive customers’ feed-backs (see the customer testimonial page regarding our service). In all jobs, we place the data confidentiality of customers on top priority.

In most cases, we are able to complete a hard drive recovery and recover all the needed data within 3-4 business days. Customer can select the Express Service option also.

We offer to our customer a very wide range of tailor-made data services. We offer professional data recovery from damaged drives and we also migrate healthy data from disk or any other media to different media and digital devices.

At the Geeks Onsite we use our state-of-the-art equipment, secure facilities and trained personnel to ensure the recovery of your valuable data. We know very well the importance of data, once you lost your data then it will disrupt your business and result will be the loss in revenue. Therefore, we always strive to get your data back to you in a secure and timely manner.

Finally, we would like to make it clear that data recovery can also be the process of recovering deleted information from a storage media for forensic purposes. If you’ve suffered a hard disk drive failure, computer or pc crash, and/or data loss, wait no further, call us our engineers shall work around the clock retrieving back every bit you have lost as early as possible.

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