E-Mail Setup

We all know e-mail is one of the best way of communication in these days but there are couple of different ways to configure e-mails and we can setup your e-mail in the most efficient way as per your need. In general case people you just go online and check e-mails by entering your e-mail address and password.

Second way is by configuring e-mails account in application software such as “Microsoft Outlook”, “Mac Mail”, “Windows Live Mail” and many more. There are many more feature’s of these software you can use apart from sending and receiving e-mails such as use of calendars, notes, to-do list, managing contacts, adding signatures.

Now when you’re dealing with business email or would like to configure the e-mails in “Microsoft Outlook” etc., there are a few terms you usually hear such as incoming server, outgoing server, IMAP, POP, SMTP, SSL and Exchange etc.

Which is  best to use ? Actually it depends upon your business needs

  • If you want to check your emails on multiple devices such as phones, computer, laptop etc. then IMAP is best to use.
  • If you use mostly check webmail and you need your phone, laptop or computer to synchronise with your webmail, then IMAP is good as well.
  • In case of one email client which you use on one dedicated computer, you might be fine with POP3, but we always recommend IMAP.
  • In case you have huge history of emails and you are using an old e-mail provider without a lot of disk space, you may use POP3 to keep your email server space empty.
  • If you are a Microsoft user and use Outlook or windows live or an Microsoft Exchange Server Email then Exchange ActiveSync will give you similar cloud syncing, like IMAP but exclusive for Microsoft users.
  • If you don’t use Outlook live and you want email synchronisation, then IMAP is the best option.