Electronic Arts brings Origin Store Alpha now for Mac Users

Electronic Arts (EA) – the popular developers of PC games now brings Origin for Mac users. So for all Apple Mac users, gaming is going to be more thrilling and exciting now. EA releases the alpha version of Origin for Mac to accumulate feedback from the users before its official launch. According to the company, this open alpha is going to be available for first a few thousand users initially. As Mac users you can experience the real potential of Origin before its full featured launch. To download a copy of Alpha version, you can head to Origin Store.

So what it is going to bring for Mac users? EA says – “With Origin for Mac we’ll be able to offer the same Origin experience and features that define our PC app — cloud storage, auto-patching, friends list, and more — to Mac users everywhere. We’re very excited about the upcoming launch of Origin for Mac and the opportunity to reach the millions of Mac-based gamers out there. We’re continuing to build Origin into a gaming service that truly lets you purchase and play anywhere, anytime.”

However, this alpha version of Origin does not come with activated store. What does it mean? It means you cannot purchase any new game form the Origin store till it is alpha. You can though add non-Origin games to your games library and can enjoy. You can also enjoy the already included games from Origin and can chat with friends across the platform and can continue with the already added games.

The brand says that once the store is live with its full features, it will incorporate a great catalogue of games of your choice. This is also confirmed by EA that the Mac client of Origin feels and behaves exactly like its PC version, and Mac users won’t feel any difference in it.

In this alpha trial, EA has added a free copy of PopCap’s smash hit puzzle game and Bookworm which you can find in the My Games library of your Origin store account. There is no restriction on already added games, you can download, enjoy and can keep them with you.

The store also adds a Feedback button to the games library to collect valuable feedbacks from the Mac users. The primary aim of this alpha version seems to be of taking the inputs from the end users about their experience. It must be okay definitely for users also. Come on, you are getting to explore the Origin store with free games, why not a feedback?

Looking to experience the Origin store on your Mac? You can download a free copy of alpha version from this link.

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