How to handle screens…?

The display screen is one of the most delicate parts of your laptop. It always needs to be replaced if damaged and is expensive to replace. Screens are very sensitive to the touch and can be damaged easily because tiny dots that make up the images on the display are each a separate crystal. Pressure can crack them easily even the rough surface of towel/cloth may scratch the display surface. When pixels get damaged, black liquid fill those areas of screen.

Laptop display screens (all LCD products) contain mercury which is highly poisonous but now manufactures are using LED display’s which doesn’t include mercury but be careful because you don’t know whether your device contains mercury or not.

  • Don’t pick your device from its display & avoid putting stress on it.
  • Don’t put weight on it & don’t bend or stretch it.
  • Always follow recommended step’s to clean it
  • LCD displays contain mercury, so be careful while disposing them.


How to clean Laptop display:-


  • Shutdown your device and make sure power adapter is plugged out.
  • Use dry & soft cloth to clean your screen, we recommend microfiber cloths, don’t use paper towels, toilet papers or any other non-ultra soft material, they can scratch the display.
  • Wipe the it very gently. Don’t press harder or scrub to remove dirt or oil prints.
  • Use Isopropyl Alcohol or white vinegar can be use as substitute and distilled water (tap water can leave steaks) in 50-50 ratio.
  • Avoid using glass treatment agents such as ammonia based or keytone type material, Ethyl or Methyl chloride can damage it
  • Don’t spray on the screen directly, spray on the cloth and gently wipe it
  • Wipe it in a consistent motion such as counter clockwise, rather than haphazard motions.
  • Avoid the leakage or excel fluid in the keypad during cleaning.