About us

Geeks Onsite offers a wide range of computer technical support and IT services that include troubleshooting and repairing of Apple Mac, computer, laptop, netbook, notebook and many other similar devices. We also provide you with quality solutions for virus and spyware removal, Outlook and mail server setup, home and office networking, wireless setup etc. We provide expert supports for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh operating systems. more…

An overview of our computer repair services !

Computer Repairs

We welcome you to utilize our onsite computer hardware and software repair services that aim to fix all your technical problems at your convenience. Our expertise lies in fixing any and every technical issue you might be facing related to your Microsoft and Apple based devices. Most of our technicians are certified by Microsoft and Apple to solve your computer problems methodologically, and definitely to your satisfaction.

Laptop Repairs

Besides offering affordable and quality solution for Onsite laptop repair service, we also provide overnight laptop repairs – a unique service made available by Geeks Onsite in the Rolleston and nearby areas. Opting for this facility minimises your personal and business downtime to a greater extent. We can pick your laptop in the evening after you finished your work and deliver it back by next morning after it is repaired. Thus, ensuring the complete peace of mind for you.

Laptop Screen Replacement

We also have expertise to replace your broken laptop screen, laptop hinges, power jacks etc. We are engaged with reputed OEM suppliers who supply us laptop parts and screens with A+ grade. For most laptops we are able to change screen same day & overnight. We can collect your laptop in the evening and after repair, deliver it back by the next morning.

Virus Removal, Spyware Removal

The most common problems we see in computers are Virus and Spyware issues. It is fair to say that every computer at some stage experiences a virus attack. Viruses effect the operation of your PC and cause data loss or file corruption.Spyware can compromise your confidential information such as bank details etc. We can help ensure you are adequately protected.

Wireless Networking

When it’s about wireless networks, security is the key point. Our comprehensive experience  in setting up such Networks for your home and office will assure the guaranteed satisfaction.  Let us devise the best way for you to share your resources such as printers, network storage devices etc. wirelessly. Going for this setup will help you avoid the costly process of introducing cables into to a building or the connection between various equipment locations. We can also increase your wireless signals and secure your network from unauthorized access.

Outlook Setup

We can configure Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook and any other preferred mail client for your personal or business e-Mail by which you can organize your e-mails and can also use calendars, task manager, contact manager etc. We do every bit related to the security of your email. We can backup/restore Outlook data and transfer mails from Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook and vice versa. In case you are switching your PC, we can restore all your mails from the previous computer/laptop for you.

Wireless Router Setup

You can utilize our service to hook up your internet router or modem and setup internet connection. We have expertise in installation of wired and wireless routers/modems. We can secure your wireless router from external influence and unauthorized access of your internet. We can fix your internet problems as well.

Computer Setup, DATA Transfer & DATA Backup

We can visit you and setup your New PC or Mac by configuring all programs and application software. We can transfer your data e.g. documents, pictures and e-Mails from old system to your new system. We can clean data from your old computer system and make it ready for resale or disposal.

Speed-up Computer, Disk Cleanup & Registry Cleaner

PC Tune UP is essential maintenance for your computer system. It brings your computer back to life by removing the items that cause crashes, freezing and improves the health of your computer system. We do this complementary if we pick your laptop for repairs or if you book a call for computer repairs – onsite or carry-in.

Computer Hardware Upgrade & Software Update

We can upgrade your computer system to optimize performance, including RAM upgrades, to increase performance, and Hard Drive upgrades to increase storage space. Moreover, we install Internal Graphic Cards etc. to your Desktop PC or upgrade your Processor as required. We have expertise in software updating which can perform online as well.

Printer & Peripherals Setup

We have significant expertise in configuring local, networks, Bluetooth and wireless printers and other peripheral devices such as scanners, multipurpose devices. We can also set up barcode scanners, multifunction printers, plotters and other desktop publishing solutions for your home and small business.

Blue Screen of Death

Blue screen of death is most common and one of the serious computer problems, which can damage hardware components and common cause for loss of DATA. Ignoring a blue screen problem invites further more significant problems. Our geeks are well trained in fixing blue screen error without losing your DATA.