How to backup Mac

Ever wondered when to use the integrated Backup Application, and when to use Time Machine to back up your important files from your Apple Macbook or similar Mac devices? Typically, the purpose of both these methods is almost the same – backup mac. However, the real difference depends on what files you are going to back up and where you would like to keep those backed up files. Let us discuss it in detail so that when you plan to back your Mac device next time, you do not have to experience any sort confusion.

Time Machine (backup utility):-

Time machine is a backup utility which creates incremental backup of whole system including operating system, music, e-mails, user setting etc. Apple introduced time machine with OS X 10.5 “Leopard”.  Time machine can work with Time capsule (designed by Apple) or any external hard drive (should be formatted as time machine backup drive).

Time Machine creates a folder on the destination drive(Time Machine volume) that’s named the current date and time. You can restore your data from time machine or sort your data as time.

Time machine creates incremental backup and it’s is designed to delete oldest backup if drive is filled, for example if you have 500GB hard drive which you are using as a time machine.

Suppose you configured time machine on 1st Jan and on 30th march you found your drive is filled then the time machine will automatically start deleting older data as similar as banks who retain your bank statements for last six months, they deletes older transaction history after certain period of time.

Time machine allows us to restore data which is sorted by data. you can either restore your entire Mac from time machine including user profile, applications, user setting etc. or you can choose as per your requirement.

Time Capsule 

In 2008 apple introduce Time capsule which is an wireless network storage device or you can say it wireless hard drive.

Apple Time Capsule

Time capsule communicates with Mac using time machine. while time machine setup, utility will show you time capsule as network storage device.

Time Capsule could take overnight or longer. but once it done then only changed files will backed up automatically, So you

need not to worry about data backup up again.

Disk Utility

Disk utility is a utility available in Mac to perform disk related tasks. alternatively Mac backup process can be performed using disk utility.

This will produce a disk image of your entire Mac OS X disk’s contents. This process preserves the unique attributes of your files, such as permissions, ACLs and UUIDs etc.

Disk utility can also used to verify or repair disks, we will publish article on the same as soon as possible. we are more than happy to help you to backup mac.

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