How to build custom Windows 8 Start screen tile for your website?

Creating a custom Windows 8 tile would help you to allow your site visitors to pin your website’s shortcut to their Start screens. Isn’t it exciting?

  • The first thing you have to do is to open the website You will find a section called “See your site in Windows 8″. Simply put your website URL and click at ‘show me’ button which will show you the current look of your tile. How about customizing it now?

  • The second step needs you to go to the section “Build your own pinned site” where you must upload an image, giving it a tile and selecting the background color as well. Once you are done, simply check live preview screen on right side in order to see if things you just made look fine or not.

  • The third step involves going to the section of “Get the Code!” and downloading the PNG image file. Once you are done with uploading the image file to your web host, simply paste the HTML codes into <head> tag of your site.

Wondering how to add to your start screen now? Well, for this reason, open Internet Explorer and navigate to your website. Once the page has loaded completely, click on Settings icon at the top right corner, below the Close button.


As you click ‘add site to start screen’, a new dialogue box will open to confirm your action. Click Okay, and you’re done.  Your final outcome will look similar to our Pin here. Things depend on how you customize it.

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