How to change your computer name in Vista / Windows 7 or Windows 8?

Changing computer name used to be very easy in Windows XP. But for the newer version for Windows, it can be a bit tricky. It is definitely not that difficult thing to do, the only difference is that in the newer versions, it has got some additional steps that you would need to follow.

The first step to do it is to access ‘System Properties’. In the Windows 7 or Vista you can access it in three different ways.

1. The first and quickest way is to type sysdm.cpl into the start menu search box or in Run (Windows key + R) dialogue box.

2. The second method can be by right clicking on My Computer Icon on your desktop or under Start Menu, and then selecting Properties.  

3. The third method is to open control panel and accessing the System and Maintenance , and finally System option.

In the first two methods, you will be able to access the System Properties window directly. But in the third method, you will need an additional step to perform. You will have to click on Advanced System Setting on the left panel.

The above process applies in Windows 8 also. However, you can access it in the following way also:


The aim of all these methods is to open the following dialogue box:

Once you get this window, make sure you are on the Computer Name Tab. Here at this tab, you will find a button that says “change”, click it. Another dialogue box will open with the name filed highlighted. Change the name to your desire and click and OK to close.

Restart your computer as you are done with the process. It is required to make the change take effect. So, your PC rebooted now. Congrats! You just gave your computer a new name.

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