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A perfect car audio system is definitely an intelligent combination of various components like – head unit, power output, sub woofers, the equaliser etc. It becomes important to analyse these aspects before making the final selection. Especially if you are a music lover, you have got to spend some time analyzing different aspects. Here in the blog today, I will point out some of the important things which will help you make your selection easier.

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Size of the head unit:

Head unit is the main control device for an audio system which is installed right in the center point of the dash panel in your car. The physical size of this head unit is most commonly measured in DIN. However, the actual size of DIN can vary based on different geographical locations. A single DIN, one and a half and double DIN sizes are the standard ones in most countries. Wondering what size should you buy? Well, it can largely depend on the model of your car. If you are looking to upgrade your existing car audio device, you can take the size of your existing one. Though, in case you get a different sized head unit, you can still use it with the help of an adapter unit. You can also use fit kits, which are easily available these days, to fix a different sized head unit into the existing slot of your vehicle.

Analyse the Power output

In general, most of the head units in different vehicles come with an inbuilt amplifiers. In modern vehicles, you can notice that they most commonly do not include amplifiers. The reason can be sought from the delivery of sound quality. The typical amplifiers that come up with your vehicle do not provide greater quality sound output. If you love music, you have got to upgrade the device for it. So now when you are looking for the better quality sound output, what should you pay attention to? Yes, you should check the power output rating of the device. Make sure to ask the vendor about the power output rating under normal condition. Another important thing is to check the RMS rating. It signifies the total duration the device can run without creating any distortion in the sound. You should also check to ensure that the RMS is equal to or higher than the maximum watt. If the power output rating ranges at 30 to 60 Watts, even RMS should go in line with this.

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The equaliser (EQ)

You know what equaliser is, yes you do. It lets you customize the sound output according to the song and of course – to your preference. The most basic equalizer of a car audio system has two bands – bass and treble. As you upgrade to the modern ones, you can have three, five and seven bands equalizers. If you are still not satisfied and would like to go for even more options. You get an external unit for this reason, some of such equalizers support around 30 bands.

Digital time correction

Digital time correction is also very important if you have a melodious ear. Let me explain why is it needed? It is the common phenomenon that when you sit between the two speakers, you get the best sound produced by them. But it is generally not possible to sit between two speakers in your car. What about the sound quality then? Will you get to listen the one speaker’s voice before the other? If so, it will definitely spoil the mood of listening to music. Digital time correction is the way out for this problem only. It offers you the customization option to delay the sound output from any one of the two speakers. It is very helpful especially in the case of car audio, because when are driving, you will obviously hear the sound coming from driver side speaker first. The use of digital time correction will allow you to tune the sound timing as per the requirement.

Other features

Generally speaking, the price of the product is typically the indication of the quality you can expect from it. It is the same with car audio devices also. As you go higher in the price, you can get higher quality audio. So, before getting to decide which model to buy, make a decision on your budget first. It will help you choose the best in your price range.

When we talk about the features, there are devices which will let you connect your iPod, smartphones etc. to it. You can also listen to satellite radio. There are many more things that relate directly to the price you are willing to pay.

Making the final choice

Now when you know what all you should look for into your new car audio system, you can start narrowing your selections. Once you come up on two or three models, listen to their sounds attentively, and then make your final choice. Which brand should you buy? It actually depends on your preference also. Among many others, Fusion, Kenwood, Edifier, Pioneer, Eclipse, are some of the names that produce great quality car audio systems.

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