How to create an Email Template in Microsoft Outlook 2007?

There can be situations when you need to send similar mails with almost the same contents to multiple people. You may need to reply or send email with the same answer repeatedly. Creating and using Microsoft Outlook Template can be easier option in these situations. It will save your considerable time.

To create a template you need to write an email first, nothing different. It will be the same as you normally write an email in Outlook. Use Control and N together to open the new email window, or select the option form File Menu.

Write the texts the way you do. Leave the TO section, the email section, blank.

write email in Outlook 2007

After you have written you email, go to File menu and select Save As. In the dialogue box, select Outlook Template in the dropdown at the bottom and hit save.

Now when you want to create an email with the same template, go to File Menu and select New and then Choose From. In the Window that comes up, select User Template in File System. Select your template and click open, you are done.

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