How to create and publish blog posts in Microsoft Word 2010 & 2007?

Do you write blogs and love to share your knowledge and experiences through your write ups?  How do you do it? You must be going to log into to the website where your blog resides. Won’t it be easier if you could post your blogs right from Microsoft Word document?

Okay, you would like to give it a try. Here you go, you would definitely love to know as to how easily you can create your blogs and post them right from Word 2010 or 2007. Let’s come to the point and discuss the processes involved now.

Get started and create your blog first. Open Microsoft Word application, and choose to create a new document. You can do it by hitting Control and N together, or alternatively you can click the Office button at the top left corner of the Word window.

A dialogue box will open and it will ask you whether you need a simple document or a blog post. Select the latter and click OK.

Setup a blog account or register. If you already have a blog account, you can set up it with MS Word to post your blog by entering your log in credentials. If not, you will need to register for a blog account. However, you can do it latter. But you will need to set up it once you are ready to post your blog.

You can choose from a list many popular blog platforms. Remember, this is one time process; you won’t be required to do it every now and then. Just click, Save Password when you register your blog account with the Word application.

To register your blog, you may be asked to enter your blog URL, your User Name and the Password. Fill in the fields with the required information and click Next.

Once you blog is setup, you must write something so that you can post it to the live blog.  While writing your blog in the document, you will be able to use all features of Word. Additionally, if you are using the latest version of MS Word 2010, you will have more options to enrich your blog. For instance, you can put even screenshots on your posts without much pain.

When you are prepared to publish your post, go to the publish button which is positioned below the Blog Post tab.

When you publish your blog post, you will see an affirmation dialog box will appear on the screen saying Microsoft Word is associating with the service provider. Let it finish, you will be confirmed that you blog has been posted.

Cheers! Your blog account is now set up with MS Word. You can post blogs right from your desktop, without accessing your original blog website now.

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