How to customize your PC Settings in Windows 8?

We have recently posted a few blogs in Windows 8 section covering some of the most important aspects of Windows 8. In this blog, I am going to talk about PC Settings in windows 8. How to customize it and to do some basic set up things…

‘PC Settings’ is an option under Windows 8 operating system which you can find under Settings tab. To get to the settings tab first take your mouse to the top or bottom left corner of your screen or alternatively, if your device has touch sensitive ability, you can swipe in from the right edge of your screen.  You will presented with a get the following screen:


Click on Settings at the bottom right. Now you will notice the right panel expands and a new side bar opens up. At the bottom of the resulted screen you can notice ‘Change PC Settings’. Yes, you are right, click on it.


It will take you to a different screen that has all the different options to customise the settings of your computer or laptop.

Change the Lock Screen image:

When you open your system, it takes to the locked screen where it asks you to enter the password. Here you can see an image. Would like to change this screen image? Okay, go to the ‘Settings’, ‘Change PC Settings’ and then ‘Personal’. At the very first tab you will notice the Lock Screen option. Just below it you can view a few image thumbnails. Just select any image and it will become your Lock screen wallpapers. In the preview panel you can see as to how it will look exactly when you set it. This is not all, you can set any image of your choice. Just click the browse button at the same screen below the Preview area and select an image of your choice.

Change Privacy settings:

Would like to change the privacy settings? You are in the right window, just select Privacy tab instead of Personal. Here, if you do not want Microsoft and all associated App owners to know your location, turn the Location option off. However, while using Maps, an integrated app in Windows 8, you may need to turn it on first.

Turn on or off Flight Mode:

It remained an in option in most of the smartphones recently, but now it comes to your Windows 8 devices too. If you want to turn all connectivity off in single click, you can do it right here. It will disconnect your from any connect Wi-Fi app and Bluetooth App.


Stay tuned to our blog section to get the latest updates on Windows 8. You can also post your comments and let us know your views. Alternatively, if you need any help on setting up, or repairing your computer, laptop or Apple Mac, feel free to contact us to more about PC settings in windows 8.

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