How to disable Java in Apple’s Safari web browser?

Oracle’s Java plugin is definitely one of the most popular browser plugins on internet. But, this popularity makes it exposed to several vulnerabilities also. This is the reason, many of the internet users seek to disable this plugin. In this blog, we are going to discuss as to how you can disable or remove the Java plugin from both Windows and Apple operating systems.

There are users who might want only to disable the plugin rather than taking it off the system completely. Doing this can make this plugin available for other browsers and can also facilitate enabling again in the event of need. There can be cases when you can actually need Java plugin to run some of the useful application from the web.

In the Java version 7 with update 10, a useful security control was released which allowed disabling the plugin completely and enabling it again when required. But if you are using the older version, you will need to remove the plugin completely. How to do that? I will explain it here.

For Windows Users:

If you are a Windows 7, Windows 8 or Vista user, you can go to Control Panel and then Programs. Older version of Windows users will need to go to Control Panel and then Add/Remove Programs. Once you click on it, a new windows will come up on the screen. Find Java in the list of all the applications, and left click to highlight Java in the list. Now right click your mouse and select Uninstall. If it asks for a confirmation, affirm it.

How to validate if you uninstalled it successfully or not? It’s easy, got to and then click on the link Do I have Java?. Click to confirm and verify. What do you see here now? Do you have Java? No, you uninstalled it successfully.

Disabling in Safari Browser

To disable Java plugin in Apple’s Safari browser. Open Safari, and head to Safari’s Menu section. If you using Safari on Windows and you can’t see the Menu Bar, press ALT key once and the Menu Bar will come up above the Address Bar. Go to Edit Menu and click on Preferences. The following window will come up on the screen:

Disable Jaa in Safari

Here on the above screen, make sure that you on the security tab. Once under the security tab you will find a check box option for Enable Java. Uncheck it and you are done.

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