How to edit PDF in Word 2013?

Office 2013 brings a whole new lot of features that will simply leave you impressed. In its previous version, 2010, there were changes and enhancements, but this time with the lasted 2013 version, Microsoft has come up with many great things to please its customers. One of such features is MS Word’s ability to let you edit even PDF files right in its interface. This blog is going to tell you how to edit PDF in Word 2013, read on…

As you may already know that editing a PDF document was not possible in its predecessors. You required Acrobat Pro to do the editing on your PDF files. But now you can do it in Word only.  It is definitely going to be an added advantage for Word users. Let us now discuss the procedures to do this.

First thing first, open the PDF document using Word 2013. You know how to do that already. It does not require any additional procedure, open it in the same way as you open the regular Word files with .doc and .docx extensions. I will still explain how to do that.

  1. Hit Control and ‘O’ keys together.
  2. It will open you the Open window.
  3. Go to your file location and select it.
  4. Hit open.

Once you have opened the file to Word, do the edits as you desire. It is exactly the same as your normal Word documents. But, there’s one thing to remember here, Word will let you edit PDF files if they have some texts in it. After all, this application is known for its text editing ability, not the image editing.

When you are done editing the file, you must be looking to save it as PDF again. Follow the same procedure as you save a file.


Only thing to remember here is when you get the Save As window, select PDF from the File Type dropdown and hit save. The following screen-grab explains it in detail for you.

You may sometimes notice a few changes in the document formatting when you open a PDF file. It depends on certain things like which application you used to create your PDF file, or if you scanned the image, what options you chose at the time of scanning.

In short, MS Word’s ability to edit PDF files make it more use-friendly, and it will be loved by almost all its users.

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