How to extract and create RAR files on Windows and Mac?

Ever got stuck with a file having .RAR extension? Dou you know how to use it? If you don’t, this article is going to be very helpful for you. By the end of this post you will be able to extract RAR files both on Windows and Mac operating systems. Read on …

The .RAR file format is developed by the WINRAR team. It allows users to archive multiple files into one, and at the same time, it also lets one extract an already archived RAR file. As known to all, archiving makes multiple files into one, reduces its size considerably, and makes it easy for people to send using their favorite mails as single file attachment.

WINRAR from RarLab

This application, namely WINRAR, is available both as free software and paid software. In the free version, it makes some restrictions. For instance, you can only extract the RAR files but cannot create one when you need it. If you want to do both activities, then you are required to buy the paid software. Wait, there’s a way that will allow you to extract not only .RAR files, but also many other popular formats without spending a single penny.  This application is called 7-Zip – an open source application that lets you archive and unachieve files without any constraint.

Let’s discuss how to use this application when you want to extract RAR files.


The first step is to download the 7-ZIP application from the official website of its developer, once you are done with it, install it on your PC by following the simple on screen instructions. Now, to extract the .RAR files using 7-zip, right click on the concerned file and select ‘extract files’.

Extracting Rar Files

Select the location where you want to extract files, and click OK.

In case you would like to create archive, select all the files that you want to archive, and then right click your mouse. Select ‘Add to Archive’. Name your archive, and click OK.


Windows operating system is a popular platform to support different categories of files, but in Mac OSX, there are limited choices. In the case of Mac, you can go for a free application named “The Unarchiver”. Once you have got it, open it and associate the file type with it.

Now to extract a file, double click it. The Unarchiver will create a folder with the same name as the archive file. All its content will be extracted within the folder.

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