How to import bookmarks from Firefox to Apple Safari?

If you tend to you use multiple browsers, sometimes bookmarks become a problem. Suppose, you saved a page as bookmark in a different browser – say Firefox, and now you want to access it in Safari, Chrome or any other browser. What would you do if you don’t remember the URL of the page and you want to access that saved page from Apple Safari. Will you open Firefox again to access that page? Well, you can do that if it is just about once, but if it happens quite often? Well, there’s an easy way to do that. You can very easily import bookmarks from any internet browser to almost any and every web browser. In this blog today, I will try to explain the process with necessary screenshot images so that you don’t have to open different browsers all the time.

So if you want to import saved pages from Firefox to Safari, open Mozila Firefox first. Once open, go to Bookmark menu in the Menu Bar. Can’t see the Menu Bar? It’s okay, hit ALT key on your keyboard, it will reveal the menu bar. Go to the Bookmark menu now and click on “Show All Bookmarks”.

Show all Bookmarks

You can do this simply by hitting a combination of shortcut keys also. Use Control, Shift and B keys together. It will open the Bookmark Window.

Firefox Window

Here select the desired folder of the saved pages. You can see them all under the left side panel of the window. Once you have selected, go to ‘Import and Backup’ option at the top bar of the window. Click on ‘Export Bookmarks to HTML’.

It will open the file saving window. Select the desired location and save the file. You can give it any name of your choice.

Well, you just exported the list of saved pages. Now, it’s the time you will open Safari Browser. Open Safari and go to File Menu from the Menu Bar. If you can’t see the Menu Bar here too, you can again hit ALT key to reveal it. Once you are there in the File Menu, click ‘Import Bookmarks’.

Safari File Menu

Go to the location where you saved that files from Firefox. Select it and click open. You will now be back to Safari window.

Apple Safari Browser Bookmarks

Here you must see all the bookmarks files you just imported from Firefox, didn’t you? Yes, you did, cheers!

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