How to magnify cells in Excel 2007 and 2013?

Do you know that you can Zoom In the selected cells in MS Excel’s recent versions like 2007, 2010 and the latest one 2013. Wondering why would you need it? Well, you can need this feature when you have a long sheet flooded with large data and you want to review a certain area that compromises some cells. In such a scenario, the availability of zooming feature proves very helpful.

Is it different from the normal zooming feature where you increase the screen size? Yes, it definitely is. In the normal zooming feature (that you can do with CTRL and Mouse Wheel), your entire work area gets zoomed in where you cannot focus to a certain area for better view.

Okay, let’s let get ahead and try using the zooming feature in Excel that will allow you to enlarge the workbook area of your choice.

Here you go. Select the entire area that you want to zoom in or magnify.  How to select? It’s easy, go to the first cell of your desired area in the sheet and left click your mouse. Do not release the left click, drag your mouse to the area of your selection without releasing the mouse button. When the cells are highlighted, simply leave the mouse button. You are done, don’t you?

Once you are done with highlighting the area, go the View menu on the top ribbon and click on Zoom to Selection.

Now you can notice that the selected cells have been zoomed in, and they are in front of your easy eye span.

You can return to the normal view by clicking on 100%.

Now you get the original view where you started.

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