How to play YouTube Videos in VLC Media Player?

VideoLAN’s VLC Media Player is an Open Source application that allows you to play most popular formats of audio and video files. It supports multiple operating systems including Apple Mac, Windows and Linux.  The most exciting and less known features of this media player is that it can let you play YouTube videos without a browser. It means you do not necessarily need to use your web browser like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc. with integrated Adobe Flash plugin to play online videos. You can watch your favorite videos right in this Media player interface.

To make it happen, download and install VLC on your computer in case you do not have it already. Run the player and once its window comes up, hit Control and N together. Alternatively, you can do the same by selecting option from the File Menu.


Paste the URL of video form YouTube into its input field and click Play.


Enjoy your favorite video in VLC now.

What are advantages of watching YouTube videos in VLC?

  • The videos which you play in VLC media player are played like local video files. There are multiple additional benefits which you can enjoy with the player’s interface, are not available inside the standard you tube player.
  • You can play YouTube video in a non-stop loop, while playing click the loop button in to the media player.
  • You can change the run speed of you tube video file normal to slower or faster.
  • You can capture a screen image of any structure or panorama in the YouTube video by using the tools.
  • If you want to watch video without ads, you can use VLC media player because it will now show you ads.
  • The VLC media player plays all playlists of YouTube.

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