How to remove Google Automatic Updater from your Mac?

While out on a call for Mac repairs yesterday, one of our clients asked if there was a way to stop Google products from updating themselves sneakily. I gave it a try and thought as many of our advanced Mac users might be facing this issue, so it’s better write a blog for them.

Let’s take the actual scenario before getting to the solution.  It is so that when you install almost any Google products like Chrome, Earth etc. you agree to let it install all updates automatically. Once you agree to install any of these products, you will notice a process in the name of Google Updater running in the background every time you run an application from Google. You won’t be asked for a manual update ever, as you connect to internet and use any application, it will start by itself. However, there is no harm in it, as these updates are done only to protect you against any hacks, bugs and crashes. But if you feel that it all should be done manually like most of the applications do, there is a way to stop it.

Before creating something new from my end about this, I thought of looking to see if there’s one already available.  To my surprise, I found several blog posts, comments and reviews from people annoyed by this automatic feature of Google. So, my client was not alone for this, yeah.  The best solution to stop this automatic update feature on your Mac, you can refer to this link and download the small application. Give it a go and run it, follow on the onscreen guidelines and you are done.

Now from the next time onwards, at the time of running any Google products, you won’t see Google Automatic updater work in the background processes. Okay, so you have done it now. But, how to update these applications when you believe, it’s the time you should? Well, you will have to do it manually from now on. Going to the application’s the update interface and checking if there is an update available or not.

Message from Geeks: We personally do not recommend removing Google Automatic Updater from your Mac, however if you feel you should get rid of this, you can go for it and remove it. Though, there won’t be any harm to your Mac by getting to remove this automatic update, yet we recommend it doing at your own risk.

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