How we work..?







Simple Repair Process

Step-1                        Get a quick quote

(We would love to get a brief overview of the issue)

Step-2                        Inspection required or not

(We will analyze whether inspection is required or not)

Step-2                        Quotation for repair

(If inspection not required then we will be sending you a quote otherwise you will be required to bring in your laptop or desktop for inspection to get an honest quote)

Step-4                        Quote approved

(We will start working on your device as soon as the quote provided by us is finalized or accepted (No obligations), Call out or inspection fee will be charged if applicable)

Step-5                        Invoice and Payment

(We will send you an invoice before we deliver your product to you. Payments can be made via online banking or in cash)

 Step-6                        Deliver product

(As soon as we get the payment the product would be delivered in person or via courier)

Step-7                        Feedback (optional)

(We value your feedback to improve our services and open to suggestions)