Keyboard shortcuts that work in all popular web browsers

Keyboard shortcuts are meant to make your work easier no matter what application or program you are working in. Today, I am going to talk about a few keyboard shortcuts that work in almost all popular web browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera etc. Getting to know them will help you do things faster while browsing web. In this blog, I am going to discuss not the keyboard shortcuts but a few mouse action shortcuts too.

You know about browser Tabs, right? They are actually different windows that reside right in the main interface of your browser. When you look at your taskbar at the desktop, you see only one browser window, but inside that window you open several different pages. So in short, those mini windows that are there in a main window are called tabs. Let me make it clear with an image here.

You can switch to a certain tab by using CTRL key and any number key (from1-8) together. For instance, if you would like to go directly to the 4th tab from any single tab, all you need to do is to press CTRL + 4, and you will be in the forth tab. You can switch to the last tab by using CTRL+9.

You can switch to the next tab on the right side by using CTRL +Tab (you can also use CTRL + Page Up key for the same but it won’t work in Internet Explorer).

You can also switch to the previous tab by using CTRL+ SHIFT +Tab or (CTRL + Page Down but it does not work in Internet Explorer).

To close the current tab which you are in, simply hit CTRL and W together. You can get the same result even by pressing CTRL + F4 keys.

Sometimes, you happen to close a tab accidently, and you find it difficult to reopen it as you do not remember the URL of the page you were browsing. Does it happen with you? Well, to get that tab instantly again, use CTRL+SHIFT+T altogether.

Hit CTRL+T to open a new tab in any browser, and in case you want to open a new browser window, use CTRL plus N.

To close the entire browser window including all tabs, use ALT+F4.

Mouse Actions for Tabs

Do you now that you can close any open tab by clicking on the middle of the tab area with your mouse wheel (middle mouse button).

While browsing a page you may sometime need to open a link in another window but you want to be in the tab to read more. You can do that.  Open a link in new browser window by using SHIFT + LEFT Click.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigation

When you want to refresh or reload the current page, you can do it by using F5.

Want to go the home page set to your browser using a shortcut key? You can do that directly by pressing ALT+HOME.

There’s a shortcut also for stop function. When you click a link or open a web page but want to stop loading immediately, hit Escape key and the page will stop loading.

Useful shortcut keys for zooming

You can Zoom in your page by using (CTRL and +) or can also use (CTRL + Mouse wheel Up).

You can Zoom out your page by using (CTRL and +) or alternatively by using (CTRL + Mouse wheel Up).

You can open Full screen by clicking on F11.

History & Bookmarks

You can open the browsing history by using CTRL + H.

To open the download history hit CTRL + J.

 To Bookmark the current web page use CTRL + D.

Other Functions

You can take the print of current page by using CTRL + P.

To simply save the current page on your desktop, you can use CTRL + S.

To open the developer tools use F12.

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