Laptop Insurance claim process for accidentally damaged laptops

If you don’t want to surprise yourself with an unexpected repair bill, especially in case of Apple (liquid damaged or physical damaged) then it’s highly recommend to get your laptop insured.

If you have laptop insurance and want to get your laptop repaired under insure but don’t want to waste your time in the process and you are seeking for repairer who can take care of insurance claim process then Geeks Onsite will be the best option for you.

Laptop Insurance

how to buy an laptop insurance..?

It’s meaning less to say, how to buy insurance for your laptop, most of the insurance companies covered that under content insurance. You can call State, AMI, Tower etc for the same.

How to claim a laptop insurance…?

Every insurance company does have their own process to settle the claim but as per our understanding their pattern’s are almost same. which includes registration, assessment, authorisation.

  • Register a claim:- You have to register a claim with your insurance company and they will give an claim number and said claim will be assigned to claim officer which will ask you for further documentation.
  • Assessment Report:- They will ask you to submit a assessment report which may include complete damage report, condition of the laptop, cost of repair and pictures of the damage.
  • Assessment:- After submitting the assessment report. They will check whether it’s worth to repair the existing laptop or not. If  yes they will ask you to go ahead with the repair otherwise they will pay for a new laptop or will discuss with you for possible options.
  • Excess Fee:- Excess is the fee, which will be paid by customer. Different companies charge different excess fee. Suppose if cost of repair is $700 and excess is $200, In this case you need to pay $200 to repairer and repairer will claim balance from insurance company.

Possible Complications

Laptop insurance claim process seems very easy, It is easy but proper protocols needs to be followed, proper documentation needs to be done by the repairer, there may be some complications if the repairer you are choosing is not familiar with the process.

Mostly repair shop’s charge, assessment fee in advance from the customer, Geeks Onsite can help you if you don’t want to pay that.

Moreover some repair shop’s will hold your laptop, until they got paid in full from the  insurance company which may take 5-7 business days.

How Geeks Onsite can help…?

If you don’t want to waste your time, If you don’t want unnecessary botheration or If you “don’t want to pay assessment fee” then Geeks Onsite will be the best option for you.

You just need to register a claim with your insurance company and we will take care of entire process. We will coordinate with the insurance company from A to Z and keep you in loop.

After repair, you just need to pay the excess to us, you need not to wait for your repaired laptop anymore, We will claim the balance from insurance company after that and follow-up for the balance payment, you need not to worry about that.

So if you have insurance and you spilled liquid on your laptop or you accidentally damaged that then drop us a line at and we will take care of the entire-process.

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