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5 questions that you must ask before laptop repair ….?


In the age of today, owning a laptop is not luxury anymore. It  has become a need for almost everyone of us. The reason is that the influence of technology has changed the way people do work. Today, you will find more people carrying a laptop bag rather than a bundle of files on their way to work every morning.  Laptops have made it possible to take our work along with us. Moreover, they have also added comforts to our lives.

But this comfort comes to an uncomfortable halt your computer screen goes blank. It becomes frustrating. You know that devices like laptops and computers do not give a formal warning signal before getting faulty. Suddenly, one button would stop responding or the speakers would go out of order, or the whole device would just crash in middle of that urgent presentation. Oh God! You can hardly do anything except pulling your hair and hysterically checking and rechecking power cables in a hope that it could just be a loss of power connection. Well, this is how it may happen to all of us. But remember, prevention is better than cure. If you care for your computer in a better way, you can avoid these situations.

For most of us a faulty laptop does not just mean a device out of order rather it affects our business, life and much more. It makes a mess of things when it stops working.  What is the way out? Now when it has stopped working, the best thing is to consult an expert. But, before you decide on getting a laptop repair done, you must ask a few important questions. It will ensure that your device is safe and the repair is worth the effort. Here are some of the tips to think about. They are the following:

  1. Do they provide warranty on laptop repair?: It is important to ask whether they provide warranty on their services or not. Do remember to ask for the warranty period also. Getting a warranty period after service will ensure that you can get back to the laptop repair service provider in case some issue arises afterwards.  It will help you get this service without paying extra.
  2. Will they create a hard disk backup?: Securing your data is very important. Ask them if they will create a backup or not. Make sure that the data stored in hard disk drive is backed up properly. Sometimes backup is taken by the laptop repair shop as a part of repair procedure.  But some may charge extra for data backup. If you ask for this, it will be a good idea to avoid any doubt later.
  3. Repair time: It is important to know how much time it will take to get a laptop repair done. It will put in a better position to make alternative arrangements. It may be possible that it takes a week or even more. It actually depends on the severity of the problem.
  4. Repair Cost: If the repair cost is too high then investing in a new laptop could be a better idea. Knowing the estimate beforehand puts you in a position to decide whether laptop repair is worth the cost or not. You can also compare the cost quoted by other service providers. It will help you to make an apt final decision.
  5. Damage policy: If you ask about the shop’s damage and theft policy, it will further help you in making the decision. It will be helpful in choosing a service provider and keeping your device safe. It is important to have clarity on what policy does the shop has. Know their policy about the laptop damage. This is especially important if your laptop repair is going to take a long time.

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