Liquid Spilled on Macbook: What’s Next?

Mac Liquid Spill Repair

Having a glass of your favourite beverage while checking your mails is some of the most common things we often do, right? But, what if you spilled that on your endearing Mac accidentally?

Ouch! I didn’t intend to do that.

Come on, you just did it. Let’s face it.

What’s next now?

Let’s discuss what all you should do to ensure your Mac has come off safe from a liquid spill. Here are a few important do’s to avoid any further harm to your Mac.

  • Turn it upside down quickly and simultaneously hold the power button to turn it  off  don’t wait for proper shutdown.
  • Unplug power adaptor immediately, remove battery if possible, remove all connected devices.
  • Take a clean and lint-free towel, cotton swabs or simply tissue paper, whatever available promptly and try to soak up as much of the liquid as possible (DO NOT USE HAIR DRYER)

Caution :- Do not switch your Mac ON

Often, Mac’s work fine for a few days after liquid spill but can suddenly stop working after some time. This is due to oxidisation and corrosion inside which can results in short circuiting.

Don’t try to switch it ON even it’s looking clean and dry because the usual outcome of  liquid damage is corrosion and components on the logic board (main part of your Mac) are highly susceptible to corrosion which will destroy chips and break connections after a period of time.

What to do before turning it ON…?

The Logic board which is main and extremely expensive component of your Mac must be cleaned properly ASAP, this is the best way to minimise the damage. There are a lot of solvents available but we use isopropyl alcohol, it works well.

If you follow these simple steps you will be saving heaps on repairs and will be spending almost nothing for clean ups.

In some case you need to go for logic board repair.

Why Logic board repair…?

As we discussed usual outcome for spill is short circuit which can happen with due course of time. Logic board for Apple is extremely expensive and due to it’s complexity It’s not easy to repair. It requires extensive skills and special tools but do not panic we have got you covered.

Our technicians are experts in handling all type of complex jobs with best of our knowledge and high quality service.

Cleaning VS Logic Board Repair

We will dismantle your Mac, cleaning will be done (logic board and other components) and after that we will test it for a while, if it works fine then we will charge you for  cleaning only.

Cost for clean:- Cost depends on complexity, Get a quick quote today.

If cleaning doesn’t solve the issue on hand then we will be going for a repair that may include putting in small parts as well.

Cost for repair :- Cost of logic board repair depends on the complexity but it’s much economical than replacement.

Warranty on repair if Liquid Spilled on Macbook

We provide 3 month warranty on all repairs.

Call us today if liquid spilled on MacBook.

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