What is Logic board, Is Mac’s logic board repair is possible..?

Logic board is the main part of your Mac. Logic board is a PCB (printed circuit board) made of many other crucial components such as capacitors, chips, graphic-chip, sometimes on-board ram (incase of MacBook Air) etc. and that holds all other components such as CPU, RAM, hard drive, keyboard & display etc.

Logic Board Repair

Logic board failure

Logic board failure is not a common problem but it occurs and that is the reason we are we are discussing about it, so if your Mac is not “Turning-ON” and you have already tested it with known-good power adaptor then in 90% cases it’s a logic board failure.  This is just an example, there could be many more symptoms of “logic board failure”.


If Logic board failed then what?

As per Apple, logic board should be replaced if it’s failed – 100% logical.

Apparently it’s more logical for you if your Mac is under warranty, Apple will replace the logic board for free but what if your warranty is over? Or you spilled something on your Mac that may not be covered under warranty.

You will receive a quote of apx $1000 to $1800 to replace the logic board. We all know if a component is broken then it should be replaced with known-good component of-course same part number and Apple always recommends to do so.

But do you think it’s worth spending that much money on repair? Isn’t that heaps of money for repair? I will not go for that and then the only option left is to buy a new Mac, which means another $2000 to $3000.

Can you please wait for a moment before spending $2k – 3k on a new Mac, Hold on!, Is there no other option left, I am not selling you a cheaper Mac but I can offer you a very economical solution for your existing laptop.


Mac Logic board repair

Can we think of “logic board repair” instead of replacement? Of-course it’s not recommended by Apple but you can save your hard earned money.

Yes, Mac logic board repair is possible and it’s available in New Zealand as well, you need not to send your Mac overseas for Logic board repair.


How it’s possible?

As we discussed earlier faulty component must be replaced with known-good one with same specification and rating etc.

Logic board is a PCB (printed circuit board) made of hundreds of tiny components – small capacitors, chips, display chips etc. If logic board is faulty then it doesn’t mean that every component on it is faulty. There may be one or more than once faulty components which can be replaced with known-good one, for example – If a display chip is faulty then we can replace that display chip only. There is no need to replace the whole logic board.


Equipment required for Logic Board Repair

Logic board repair needs special equipments and highly experienced chip level technicians,  An Apple certified technician can’t do that since they are advised and trained to replace the logic board.


Cost of Logic Board Repair?

Cost of logic board repair depends on the model of your Mac and faulty components. We  will have to inspect your Mac first and then only we can give you the quotation for Logic board repair, besides  if you are not willing to repair then you will not be charged.

Feel free to drop us a line at support@geeksonsite.co.nz if you are seeking for economical solution over Mac logic board repair.

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