Mac Screen Replacement

Accidents with laptops are quite common which results broken or smashed laptop screens and in case of “Mac screen replacement”, its much expensive than any other laptop because Apple always recommend to replace display module which can cost you more than $1000. it’s recommend but do you think it’s worth to spend that much money on repair.

We at Geeks Onsite can make it 70% cheaper than that with warranty and in this blog I will explain every aspect of how (how it can be possible, how much it will cost and how long it will take).

What is display module?

Display module is complete display unit. If you open your laptop there are two major parts that we can see or on which we work. first is the complete top part that converts into display screen when we open the lid and second part is base where you can find keyboard, touchpad etc.

The complete display part including matel body, LED screen, front glass, camera etc is called “display module” which is one of the more expensive parts.

Major damages can be

If you dropped your Mac or someone sit on that or you close it while your earphones was on your keypad, in this kind of small to medium accidents the main victim will be your screen with three possibilities as described below.

  1. Front glass can be damaged.
  2. Internal screen can be damaged.
  3. Both front glass and internal screen can be damaged.

1. Front Glass is Broken

If front glass of your Mac is broken, do you think it’s worth to replace the whole display module if only glass replacement can fix the problem. do we change our car shell if wind screen got damaged they why display module..?

Yes, in this scenario glass replacement can fix the problem but it can be done by experienced technician only, one small mistake can damage the whole display module. Our technicians can do that, they are proficient in that, they do hundreds in a month.

2. Malfunctioning or Broken Mac screen replacement:-

If internal Mac screen is not working properly or damaged due to accident or it’s malfunctioning then only internal screen is culprit, front glass, camera, body shell are innocent so why to threw out with bunch of dollars if Mac screen replacement can solve the issue.

If front glass is not broken then we can re-use that, this job is much complicated and time consuming which also requires extensive care. our technicians are much proficient in Mac screen replacement.

We have expertise in replacing screens for all Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air etc.

Note:- We do not have solution for iMac screens at this stage, we are still working on that.

3. Broken glass and Internal screen..

This can be the worst scenario but in 65% cases glass and screen both got damaged and needs to replaced but It won’t cost you more because service cost will be for one repair not for two.

There is no sense to charge you separate service charges for glass and mac screen replacement, service will be charged for mac screen replacement only but you need to pay for both the parts.

Cost of Mac Screen Replacement

Cost of Mac screen replacement depends on the model and which part is broken. if glass is broken then cost is different, for screen it’s different but if you can drop me a line at with model number of your Mac then I can give you quote for the same.

If you are not really sure which part if display module is broken then turn your mac on and take a clear picture for the same and send to us, we will get back to you by the same business day.

Thank you for your kind consideration and thanks for reading this blog. You are more than welcome to drop me a line at for further support!

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