Mac’s Display Screen Care: Two less known and important things to note

Do not use Wrist pads

The wear under the keyboard where you let your palm rest while using your Apple Macbook or any laptop, is indeed very common. It happens with almost all laptops. But what do you do to protect it? Do you tend to use wrist pads to protect your devices from this wear-stain?

If you refer to the Apple’s support note on the use of wrist pads, it asks users to avoid using it. Wondering why? It has its own reasons to validate it.

Leaving palm rest covers or other material on the palm rest surface of your computer could result in damage to the display when you close it.

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It further says – To enable thin design, the clearance between the display and the palm rest area is engineered to tight tolerances. Do not use palm rest covers as the added thickness may interfere with the designed resting position of the display.  As a best practice, keep the palm rest clear of any material.

It is interesting to note that these thin protectors that we call wrist pads can actually damage your Mac’s display screen. There are multiple online stores today where you can find these wrist pads available. But for your Mac’s sake, do you get lured to buy one for you. However, as end users it is difficult to agree that these thin pads can actually damage the display screen of your Mac. But you have got to believe and agree if you actually care for the display screen.

Don’t apply any liquid directly on the display

The second most important thing is that you should keep in mind while cleaning your Mac’s screen is that you must not use any liquid directly on the surface of the display screen.  If you refer to the safety information sheet from Apple, it says –

Follow these general rules when cleaning the screen:

  1. Shut down your MacBook Pro, detach the power adapter, and remove the battery.
  2. Dampen a clean, soft, lint-free cloth or paper with water only and wipe the screen.
  3. Do not spray liquid directly on the screen

Yes, you must agree with this if you care for the display screen. Always take a lint-free cloth or tissue paper and dampen it with water to clean the screen.

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