Motherboard Repair

It is known to everyone that the motherboard is one of the most important hardware in a computer system. A faulty motherboard can mean hundreds of problems in your laptop. For instance, your laptop won’t turn on, it will overheat, you’ll notice blurred colors or distorted graphics, it will show strange behaviors, and the list of errors continues… Now what if your motherboard is diagnosed of faults? It is the end of its life?

Motherboard Repair

No way! The one solution to all such problems can be replacement of your faulty motherboard. But wait! Why to go for a replacement if it can be repaired? Why spend your hard earned money uselessly, if it can be repaired to work with the same pace and smoothness at an affordable price?

Yes, you can enjoy the same speed of your computer once the faulty motherboard has been repaired for you.

What all can damage your laptop’s motherboard?

The reasons can be many, but let’s talk of a few most prominent ones. For the first thing, if your Macbook or computer had a liquid spill or it fell down of floor from a height causing physical damage, or if your computer has been old enough to seek a servicing. In all these cases, the possibility is that your computer motherboard might have developed some kind of problems.

What all problems can we repair under Motherboard repair?

  1. Broken power sockets
  2. Video problems
  3. No boot up
  4. IDE or SATA problems
  5. BIOS flash problems
  6. Speed issues
  7. No power on faults
  8. Bad charge or no charge
  9. Poor or distorted Video
  10. Wireless or network problems
  11. Broken Audio or USB connectors

There are many other issues which can be repaired. The actual possibility can be ascertained only after a practical review.

We are  your local computer repair company in Auckland, New Zealand. We offer one stop solution for every kind of computer, laptop and Macbook motherboard repair services. Our workshop facilitates advanced repair workstations which are dedicated to carry out such complex repair work.

More importantly, we are not confined to any specific brand or make, we have an equal expertise in repairing motherboards of Acer, Apple, Sony, Fujitsu , Apple, Toshiba, HP, Compaq, Packard Bell, Asus, Dell and many other manufacturers.

Contact us today and ask for our motherboard repair services, we will be pleased to assist you with our services.

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