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Outlook Setup – Outlook is an Application software which work as Personal Information Manager by the help of which you can download e-mails on your computer/laptop etc. whenever you go to Internet outlook will download all the e-mails from your e-mail server and you need not to go to Internet every time to check your e-mails (which are already downloaded). It does have following components

  • Mail Component
  • Calendar Component
  • Contact Component

Mail Component

The Mail component of Microsoft outlook allows you to send, receive and manage your emails. It allows you to download messages from server. These messages will be stored in the computer system in PST format which can be accessed by outlook.

Calender Component

Outlook does have Calendar which can be used to keep track of your appointments and plan meetings with others. At a personal level, calendar can be used for record appointments, events and important dates. On a group level, calendars can be used for schedule and track meetings with others users

Contact Component

The Contacts part can be used to maintain address for all of your internal and external contacts. The contact list can be used to send messages to your contacts. The contacts in outlook can be export in many formats such as Pst, csv-excel, access etc.

Apart from above components outlook does have some more additional components such as Tasks, Notes and journal’s etc.

How to avail Outlook Setup service

Outlook setup can be done by live repairs (online using remote software). You need not to get a Geek for outlook setup. Our Geeks have expertise for outlook setup remotely but we welcome you to Book an onsite technician for the same as per your convenience.

I can Install Outlook at my own then why you?

Yes, Why not you can install outlook at your own it’s not difficult and easy to install by following instruction but if you want to increase your productivity and you want to use outlook as personal information manager then you have to hire an expert for the outlook setup. During outlook setup we will guide you how to use outlook as a business tool. We know how to use other additional components such as Tasks, Notes, and Journals.

How much outlook setup cost to me?

We charge on hourly bases, generally we won’t charge more than one hour  for outlook setup but in come case where you want to configure more e-mails, you want to setup different rules and alerts or you want to sort additional things for you then It can take more than one hour.

What you need for Outlook Setup?

We need your credentials to setup e-mail accounts. We need to know which e-mail address you want to configure apart from that we need following.

E-mail accounts you want to configure

Incoming and outgoing server address (example: – Pop3.xyz.co.nz or smtp.xyz.co.nz)

SSL Security (example: – Incoming server port 995 etc.)

You need not to worry if you don’t have server details or security information with you. We have these details for general e-mails such as gmail.co.nz, xtra.co.nz, Vodafone.co.nz etc. but we don’t know server details for your own domain.

Feel free to drop us a line for further support or you can contact us 0800 349 648 for prompt response.

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