PC Tuneup

How to do PC Tuneup…..?

Every machine needs a tuneup: cars, bikes, boats – do you have to perform PC tuneup for computers as well to get optimum results.

Here are some simple ways for pc tuneup which can keep your pc smooth and fast to get more efficiency.

Windows Update: –

If you are using Windows and other windows software’s such as Microsoft Office, Windows Live essential then for pc tuneup you should update your PC with Microsoft update service, you will automatically get notice for new software updates, which you can download for free.

PC Tune tips

Ready Boost

If you have a spare USB drive with a capacity of 1 GB or more then you can make your PC faster using ready boost. ReadyBoost uses removable device to boost your system speed.



Check for viruses

Computer virus is one of the main reasons for slow computing moreover if you ignore it can easily harm your data and important files.

  • Are your windows occasionally popping up?
  • Are Programs starting automatically?
  • If your computer misbehaving?

These problems may be caused by virus or spyware. Be sure your computer has protection against viruses, spyware, and malware. MaAfee antivirus for their customers.

Don’t leave your PC unprotected always use Antivirus.



Disk Cleanup

Just like you clean junk from your house, for PC tuneup your hard drive needs cleaning as well. Use disk cleanup utility periodically to clean unwanted files such as temp, recycle bin, cookies etc.

For PC tuneup Run it on a regular basis to keep your PC healthy and fast.


disk cleanup


Disk Defragment

You always arrange your filing cabinets in your office, your pc needs that as well. Over the time, files on your PC are moved around the hard disk. Eventually your computer takes longer time to find various parts of data, which have been moved.

To make your pc fast and to get optimum performance, disk defragment required. Disk defragment rearranges fragmented data and makes your PC more efficient.

CPU Utilisation

CPU is the brain of your PC.  It organize the processes, If an program slowing down your computer, you can check the performance tab in windows task manager to see if the program you are running is taking more than reasonable share of processor. You can find and stop programs affecting your PC’s efficiency.


Warring Messages

In Microsoft Windows 7, Action center is a central area, which shows you messages and warnings that need your attention. You can see action flag notifications on your taskbar (right bottom). Click on the warning and choose to resolve the issue, this will keep your pc running smoothly.


Feel free to drop us a line if your need our support for pc tuneup.

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