Cost / Price for Repair

We provide service at very reasonable price without any complicated terms & condition and service contracts. We work on the bases of pay as you go, No Service Contracts.

We do not charges hourly rate in case of workshop repair, there is a “Quick Quote” from on your right, just  fill your contact details and describe the problem as much as you can.

We will create s service ticket for you and send you quote for the repair depending upon the information provided. If you are agree then we will go ahead.

Note:- We many need to inspect your desktop/laptop to get the hard quote


On-site Service Charges

In case of On-site Service,  A technician will come to you to fix your computer problem. Hourly rate will be applied in case of On-site service. As there would be a dedicated technician assigned to you and he will be working just for you.

For standard technician, hourly cost would be $120 plus GST for next business day and $140 plus GST for same day and weekends.

For Apple Certified Technician’s, hourly cost would be $150 plus gst all the time.


Remote Support

Remote support is the process to fix the computer system online line via internet, without physical presence of the technician. Up to 70% software problems can be fixed online via remote support. If you are able to access internet then we can help you.

We offer Remote Support at $90 plus GST per hour.


Note:- We do not ask for credit card details or any personal information via e-mail, phone and chat.