Charges for Remote Support

Live Repair is our method for troubleshooting software related problems by remote support via Internet. We offer live repair at $ 70 per hour for next business day and the premium rate will be charged for same day repair. Live repair will be charged in 30 minutes increment after one hour.

Standard Live Hourly Rate Premium Live Hourly Rate
Next Day Remote Support $ 90+GST Weekend/Same Day Service $ 100+GST
Minimum Charges One Hour Minimum Charges One Hour
Appointment should be arranged one Day before service. Appointment can be arranged 3 hours before service.

With our expertise we are able to fix more than 70% computer problems by “Live repair”.
(Advanced 448-bit encryption keeping your data safe and secure.)If problems can’t be fixed online then we will arrange onsite service for you and charges for live repair will not be charged in this case but if you don’t want onsite repair then minimum service charges will be charged.

What can be fixed by Remote Support ?

We are able to fix software related problems via Remote Support. If you are able to access Internet and able to Install remote control software then we can take control of your laptop/desktop and you can watch the repair live at your screen. following are some problems which we can fix via Remote Support.

  • Outlook Setup, Configuration, Troubleshooting.
  • Windows Update, Maintenance, Registry Problems.
  • Application software Installation, configuration.
  • Antivirus installation, Virus and Spyware Removal.
  • Hardware Monitoring, Problem diagnostics and Many More.

Workshop repair charges

“Say good bye to hourly rate”, we don’t charges hourly rate for workshop repair. we will give you quotation for the repair first and if you are agree then we will go ahead

Charges for on-site services

In case of On-site Service we will come to you to fix your computer problems. We charge $ 90 per hour for next day service and slightly extra for weekends and same day service.