Onsite Service Charge

Onsite Service Charges

Hourly rate will be applied in this case, as there would be a dedicated Geek assigned to you and will be working just for you only.

Onsite engineer will diagnose the problem in first 5 to 10 minutes because you are paying an hourly rate and it’s our responsibility to send an appropriate technician who is expert in described problem along with the appropriate certifications so please describe problem as much as you can.

He will explain the diagnosed problem with most effective solution. It is our responsibility to give you economical and effective way for repair whether it’s economical to fix onsite or need to be taken in to the workshop.

In case we have to take it to the workshop then you need to pay the time spent on diagnose and the solution proposed to you but we won’t charge you for the full hour but call out and minimum fee will be applied as applicable.

Terms & Conditions:-

We don’t bond our customers in contract or in complicated terms and condition.