Quickest method to boot your Windows-8 computer in Safe Mode

Windows-8 has been making news all around these days. Some of the most talked about features of this new Operating System from Microsoft are its visually enhanced appearance, rapid start up and shut down time, tiled start screen, touch friendly interface etc. This new OS has come up with many new and improved updates, especially when you compare it to its predecessors like Windows 7, Vista or XP etc.. But despite having these all, its new user interface can be problematic for some people. For instance, it has removed the Start button from the bottom left corner of the screen that used to lead to all programs installed on the computer.

It has introduced app search instead. Similarly, if you need to Shut Down the computer, you will be required to spare a few additional clicks before you reach to the final power button. In this new OS, the power button has been given in the Settings Tab.  And what to do when you want to restart your computer in Safe Mode? Okay, this blog is going to tell you as to how you can restart your PC into safe mode on Windows-8. Read on…

Remember that F8 key? You used to press it frequently at the first boot screen on Windows 7, XP, Vista etc., and it allowed you to start your computer in Safe Mode. But this time, for no specific reasons, Microsoft has changed this game. So, can’t you boot your PC in Safe Mode if you are using Windows-8?


Come on, you can! Only the method has changed, things remain the same. Now, instead of F8, you are required to press Shift + F8 key to get the Advanced Start Up option where you can choose to start your PC in Safe Mode.

It’s a long process, isn’t there a simple way? Yes, there is.

Open the Run Window. How? The short cut is the same in Windows 8 also – System + R. Type msconfig, and hit Enter.

You will get the System Configuration Window like the Snap Shot below.


Go to Boot Tab, that is the second Tab at the top. Now you will see Boot Options with a few Check boxes and Radio options. Select the Check box that says Safe Boot.  Click Ok. You will get the following Window.


Click Restart. Now your computer will boot into the Safe Mode for you.

But remember, it will start your computer in Safe Mode every time you boot. What’s next? You will need to uncheck the Safe Boot option under the System Configuration window. The process is the same.


Please note that this blog assumes that you are aware of the basic technical aspects of computer system. You are not advised to try it yourself if you are not familiar. You can contact us for any kind of troubleshooting on your Windows Computers and laptops. In case you are a Mac user, ask us for an expert Mac repairs solution. We are experts in methodological Mac repairs in Auckland.

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