Advanced Data Recovery Services

It’s needless to say that, how important your “DATA” is? It may be in the shape of e-mails, documents, picture, videos, etc. Business computers may have customer‘s information, Invoices, GST and IRD or other important information, if due to some reason, your computer or laptop’s hard-disk stops working or fails,  you may loose all your data.

Have you lost your data or Have you deleted any of your important files accidentally. Don’t panic, with our expertise, chances to get your valuable DATA back is extremely bright.

What to do in case of “Hard Disk” crash?

Unfortunately if your computer hard disk crashed, please do not try to repair it yourself, as this can lead to “permanent data loss” and then it will be much complicated to retrieve the data. We have a great experience in hard disk data recovery operations.

Cost of DATA Recovery?

Apparently “DATA recovery” is one of the most expensive services in our portfolio. Cost of recovery depends on the nature of damage and type of drive. We can not give you a specific price for that, but after initial assessment we will give you a quote for DATA recovery. You will not be charged if we fail to recover your data. 

Turnaround Time?

DATA recovery is a slow and lengthy process which may take up-to 15 working days, after initial assessment we will give you an estimated time along with the quote for DATA recovery.

We can recover DATA from

We are able to recover DATA from almost every storage device. Whether it’s a Hard Drive or USB drive. Here is a list below of some storage devices but our DATA recovery service is not limited to them:-

  • Hard-disk data recovery.
  • DATA recovery from USB disk.
  • Cell phone’s data recovery.
  • Server/storage data recovery
  • SSD data Recovery.
  • Data recovery from NAS.

We are able to recover DATA whether your storage device is not tuning ON, whether head of your hard drive is broken or USB is asking for format.

How to get your DATA Back?

To get your DATA back, Book a time with us for drop off, For fast and superior service,  we suggest you to drop your drive at our St Luke’s workshop or we can arrange a pickup from your location.

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