Laptop Overheating

One of the most common problems that laptop users face with their laptop after 1-2 years of use is laptop overheating, Laptop got excessively hot from bottom. it’s one of the most common reason for freezing. Overheating can damage sensitive electronic components thereby reducing the life of your laptop. Ignoring a problem with an overheating laptop can invites more significant problems.

Do you have heating problem with your Laptop? Is your laptop heating up excessively from the bottom? Well relax: you have reached one of the best places for laptop repairs. We are specialised in laptop repairs.

How to get your laptops repaired?

To get your laptop repaired book a time with us for drop off. For fast and superior service it’s recommended to drop your laptop at our St Luke’s workshop or we can arrange a pickup from your location.

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Symptoms of laptop overheating

  • Laptop’s bottom case heating up excessively.
  • Laptop turns off automatically.
  • You can see Blue screen of death due to overheating.
  • Laptop getting slow & freezing after some time.

Cause of Laptop Overheating

Every laptop or desktop equipped with a central processing unit which act as brain as simple as human brain, processor needs to be cool every time, If processor heats-up excessively the laptop will start  freesing, slow processing etc.

To make the processor cool Heat sink and fan placed in the laptop, heat sink absorbs heat and fan makes the heat sink cool by passing air from it.

Main cause for laptop overheating is heat sink choking, normally fan sucks air from the bottom and by passing it trough the heat sink threw the hot air from the back. While sucking air from the bottom it sucks dust partials as well which results heat sink chocking and due to chocking air can’t pass from the heat sink which results laptop overheating.Heatsink

Second main cause for overheating is faulty fan, if fan is faulty then obviously it can’t make heat sink cool which results laptop overheating.  there may be some other reasons for laptop overheating such as.

  • Blocked air vents or heat sink blocking.
  • Faulty CPU Fan or blocked CPU fan.
  • Software designed to perform cooling operations not working properly.
  • Virus can cause for overheating.

How to avoid laptop overheating

  • Always place your laptop on a hard surface.
  • Avoid to placing your laptop on blankets, matt’s or other soft surfaces they produce bubbles that can block vents.
  • Turn off your computer or place it into hibernation before placing it into a laptop bag to avoid overheating.
  • Avoid using your laptop in dusty areas.

Cost for Repair

Laptop overheating is not an expensive repair. It may vary depending upon the make and model of your laptop. you are more than welcome to Get A Quick quote before proceeding. Just fill the form which is on your right and write make and model number for your laptop, we will get back to you shortly with appropriate quote.