Need Laptop Repair? Hire the Experts!

Are you seeking an laptop repair expert who can quickly understand the problem you are facing with your laptop? or you are seeking for assessment report for insurance purpose or you just want to get your DATA back from your old broken laptop.

You are at the right place, We do offer all of those services at very reasonable cost. We do not charge hourly rate. We will inspect your laptop fist and after inspection you will get a quote for repair along with the problem description.

How to get your laptops repaired?

To get your laptop repaired book a time with us for drop off. For fast and superior service it’s recommended to drop your laptop at our St Luke’s workshop or we can arrange a pickup from your location.

Common laptop problems:-

  • Not turning ON – no lights, no sound, seems dead.
  • Able to turn ON, Lighting up but nothing on the screen.
  • Overheating from bottom, freezing after some time.
  • Infected with virus or spyware etc, slow processing speed.
  • Declining battery performance, battery not charging
  • Broken laptop screen, Hinges broken.
  • Problems related to the screen such as breakage, screen flickering.

Brands – with our expertise we can fix all kind of laptops whether you purchased that locally or you bring that from overseas. our technicians are certified by Microsoft and proficient in fixing all major brands such as Acer, DELL, Compaq, HP, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung etc.


Our years of experience and expertise enable us to provide you highly effective, quick and exact way outs for all your laptop related problems. Call us Now for superior service.

Ask for a quick quote, we are just a call away !