Expert Apple Mac Repairs Services!

We provide comprehensive solutions for Apple Mac repairs. We welcome you to drop your Mac for repair at our “St Luke’s workshop” or “CBD office”, alternatively we can book a pickup from your location or we can come to you to fix your Mac problems.

Our technicians are certified by Apple for methodical Mac repairs. We have proved our expertise in software and hardware repair for the entire Apple family.


Apple Hardware Support

We are specialised in troubleshooting and solving complex hardware issues related to your Mac, almost all model’s. If your Mac is not “Turning ON” or if it’s “Turning ON “but nothing on the screen, if there is a blinking question mark on the screen, You don’t hear the boot chime, Look no further, you are at the right place. Geeks Onsite offers you an affordable Mac repair services.



Mac OS Support

We provide support for all versions of Mac OS, such as OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks. So if your Mac is not booting up or kicking you out while using it or it’s making some abnormal activity then it can be due to operating system. Bring to us, we will inspect that first and after inspection we will give you a quote for Mac Repair.



iCloud configuration

Apart from OS and hardware support we provide support for iCloud configuration. Are all of your Apple devices not communicating with each other, Do you want some additional support on iCloud, We can do all for you. By the help of  iCloud your Apple devices can communicate with each other. You can share your e-mails, calendars, contacts and photos etc. over the internet. iCloud also provides you the functionality to track the location of your Mac, iPad, iPhone or iMac. you can lock or wipe them remotely in case of theft.

Feel free to drop us a line at for further support!



On-site Mac Repair Services

Our On-site Mac repair service is available in Auckland only. An Apple certified technician will come to you to fix your Mac problems, iCloud setup, OS installation, time machine setup etc. Click here to Get A Geek for On-site service.

Note:- Apple Certified Technician’s are apparently expensive so please Get A Quote first.

Workshop Repairs

Every repair, mostly hardware repairs can not be performed on-site. We need some special tools and equipment to fix hardware issues such as logic board repair, hard drive failure etc.

So if your Mac is not turing on or making some unusual noise etc. then it’s recommended to book a workshop repair instead of on-site service.


Range of services

Following are some of the services , we provide for Mac. Don’t worry if your desired Mac repair is not in the list, we will take care of that as well.

  • Broken Screen Replacement.
  • LCD Bleed, White, Lines etc.
  • Data recovery from Mac hard drive.
  • RAM or Memory Upgrade.
  • Keyboard or Top case Replacement.
  • Logic Board Repair or Replacement .
  • MagSafe Repair or Replacement.
  • Software Diagnostics and Repair.
  • Hard disk repair or replace.
  • Super drive (CD/DVD) Repair.
  • Track pad Replacement.
  • Liquid Spilled etc.
  • Hinges repair or replacement.


Screen Replacement

If your Mac’s screen is damaged due to dropping, knocking or spillage then you can get it replaced. We provide screen replacement for entire Apple family.

Ask for a quick quote, we are just a call away !