wireless Setup

Wireless Setup

Wi-Fi network leads to Network which doesn’t connect by cables. By this method we can avoid costly process of introducing network cables into the building. It works on radio waves, mostly wireless devices works on 2.4GHZ.

Types of wi-fi networks:-



Wireless Personal Area Network is the network which interconnects devices within a small area or personal reach such as Bluetooth and Infrared.


A wireless local area network links devices which have Wi-Fi functionality over a short distance using a Wireless distribution method usually providing a connection through  Access Point to use Intranet and Internet. This allows users to move around within a local area, and still remain connected to the network.

Devices which are using IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN standards are marketed under the brand name Wi-Fi.


Wireles Metropolitan Area Networks are type of wi-fi network by which sevral Wireless LAN’s got connected. WiMAX is an example of Wireless MAN. Devices which are using standard IEEE 802.16 fall in Wireless WAN


Wireless Wide Area Networks leads to the wi-fi network which typically covers large areas this network can be used to connect branch offices of company or as public internet access system. A typical WAN contains base station gateways with Access Point and wireless bridging relays.


What we can do?

Wireless Setup – We are specialised in wireless setup for your home and business. We can interconnect all of your devices within a Network using a single or multiple access points. We can make your devices compatible if they don’t have wireless functionality. Generally desktop pc’s doesn’t have wireless functionality and to make them wireless we have to install a wireless card for the same.

Wireless Setup Expandability – A part from that wireless setup we can increase coverage of your existing network. Generally wireless devices loose connectivity when you are moving around the house for example if your wireless access point is installed on the ground floor, sometimes devices on the first floor loose signals – we can fix this issue by increasing range of your wireless access point.

Security – We can secure your wireless connection to prevent unauthorised access of your Network. If your wireless network is not secured then anyone can connect to your wireless network. He can access internet using your bandwidth moreover this is direct threat to your confidential data. Our Geeks have expertise in securing your wireless connection.

Troubleshooting – Sometimes you feel some of your wireless devices connect to the network properly but some making trouble or not able to connect to the wireless network, we can help you in this case. This is a common problem which people feel with their wireless network. We have expertise in troubleshooting wireless network. We can do wireless setup, wireless configuration and troubleshooting for your home or business.

If you want to setup secured wireless network or if you want to get best use of technology then you have to choose Geeks Onsite for superior service.


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