Say Good Bye to Hourly Rate

We do not charge hourly rate for repairs as no one is certain how long is it going to take to fix an equipment and it’s quite hard for us to calculate time when our employees are also attending phone calls from other customers or doing some ad-hoc work if needed. For example, it is not justified in our eyes to charge you for the time it took to download an antivirus or drivers for your equipment if our internet is running slow for some reason and many other complications which may need more time.

Therefore the best to go about fixing stuff is that we provide you with a genuine quote and charge you for the stuff we fixed rather than making you pay for the time we spent on getting that stuff for your laptop or a desktop.



We will inspect your laptop or desktop and give you estimate quote for the repair. We will be more than happy if you are willing to go ahead but if repair cost is not justified on your part then you don’t  go ahead with it (purely your choice) We will just bill you for minimum inspection only.

Turnaround time for workshop repair


Generally repair won’t take more than 24 to 48 hours after your consent. However if it is taking more than usual timeframe, we will give you a buzz and let you know. We like to keep customer in loop as to what’s happening.


Simple Repair Process

(1).Get a quick quote – We would love to get a brief overview of the issue, please describe the problem as much as you can.

(2).Inspection required or not – On the behalf of problem description, we will analyse whether inspection is required or not.

(3).Quotation for repair – If inspection not required then we will be sending you a quote otherwise you will be required to bring in your laptop or desktop for inspection to get an honest quote.

(4).Quote approved – We will start working on your device as soon as the quote provided by us is finalised or accepted (No obligations), Call out or inspection fee will be charged if applicable)

(5).Invoice and Payment

(We will send you an invoice before we deliver your product to you. Payments can be made via online banking or in cash)

(6).Deliver product – As soon as we get the payment the product would be delivered in person or via courier.

(7).Feedback – We value your feedback to improve our services and open to suggestions.

Onsite Service Charges


Hourly rate will be applied in this case, as there would be a dedicated Geek assigned to you and will be working just for you only.

Once we onsite we will diagnose the problem in first 5 to 10 minutes because you are paying an hourly rate and it’s our responsibility to send an appropriate technician who is expert in described problem along with the appropriate certifications.

He will explain the diagnosed problem with most effective solution. It is our responsibility to give you economical and effective way for repair whether it’s economical to fix onsite or need to be taken in to the workshop.

In case we have to take it to the workshop then you need to pay the time spent on diagnose and the solution proposed to you but we won’t charge you for the call out.